Saturday, June 23, 2007

The couple running Etsy shop Homemade Goods really know they're stuff when it comes to spices and rubs! Savory, spicey and truely suculent they offer products like Tandoori Rub and a Tuscany Sea Salt Rub.

After trying thier Thai Sea Salt Rub I knew I'd be back for more!
Rich with seasme seeds, chilli and shallots this corse rub is perfect on lamb, chicken or as I prefer pork chops!
Another great thing about this spicey couple from Connecticut is they are open to your suggestions and ideas. Mearely a week or two after I mentioned that I'm a huge brisket fan and a sucker for smoked paperkia, I spyed a new rub in thier line Smoked Paprika Brisket Rub! Yep, I almost fell out of my seat, I couldn't order it fast enough.

Check out they're shop where they offer more then just spices and rubs. You'll find baked goods, all natural sea salt body scrubs and oils infused with curry and mushrooms or rosemary and garlic. They also offer the cutest gift wrapping for direct gift giving!


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Blogger Jennifer said...

Your blog is gorgeous! I love the look of it. Those spices look delicious.

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Blogger Paper Girl Productions said...

those spices look delish!

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Good words.

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